Professional Medical Personnel

Are you nervous about travelling with a medical condition and would feel relieved if you had a companion to travel with you who has a medical background? CNS Medical Inc can provide you with professional medical personnel to accompany you whether your trip lasts for a day or several days. We have the staff to take care of your medical needs while travelling.

  • Experienced Staff
  • 24 Hours Support


CNS Medical Inc can take care of booking flights, hotels, etc. to assist you with medical transportation. Call us to inquire about our services.


CNS Medical Inc can provide medical assistance to most countries in the world with our qualified staffing.

Peace of Mind

Contact CNS Medical Inc to provide the details of the services you feel you need to travel comfortably while having a medical condition.

Personalized Service

CNS Medical Inc can also do house calls to check on family members or friends who have a physical disability or medical condition that requires routine visitations from medical personnel.